Zoom to Improve – How to look and SOUND good on Zoom

Webinars have been around for some time now but due to the current climate they have become essential for education, learning and upskilling all around the world. 

At first, I was unsure about taking part in the digital experience, but I decided to take the leap and I found that I actually quite enjoyed it!

More often than not I found the content within these webinars to be excellent and beneficial in my day to day work life. One webinar which I found to be particularly good focused on ‘Candidate Management and Online Interview Skills‘ , the event was hosted by NRF Skillnet

However, I have noticed that the audio hiccups, which I am sure we are all familiar with now, can be utterly frustrating! 

First, there is the serial typist – that one Zoom attendee who leaves his or her microphone on while typing away at lightning speed, providing a backdrop of clicks and clacks which make the Webinar almost unintelligible. 

Secondly, there’s the dog-lover, this person listens to the Zoom call intently enough, but is somehow unable to hear their pooch-pals constant barking in the background.

Finally, there’s the Darth Vaders, those diligent employees who sit so close to the screen and become so enthralled by the Webinars informative content, breathing into their microphone powerfully in their attentive haze, that all other sound is drowned out by their sharp, excited inhales and exhales!

The light at the end of the tunnel comes as I nod my head in agreement whilst one of the other participants finally say 

‘can we mute all of the mics please’

From here the rest of the webinar is smooth sailing and I can finally focus on the content much more easily.

Whether you’re in a large webinar where muting your mic is the right move or in a smaller meeting with co-workers, we have a tip for you which will guarantee you aren’t Darth Vader, the dog-lover or the serial typer on your Zoom calls. 

Andy Knightley, one of our talented Audio Technicians is here to save the day and I am absolutely going to try out this tip in our meeting today! Watch Andy’s video here: