The Future of Work: My Experience as a Digital Intern.

By Alexia Macari-Skelly
Intern @ Production People & Extras Ireland /

On Friday the 13th of March, any superstitions I had about the unlucky day were dismissed by the wonderful phone call I received from our managing director; Louise. As I held my breath, she gave me the news that I had been offered the recruitment and casting internship that I had interviewed for just a few days before. I could not have been happier with the news!

I danced around the room at this news as I was so excited to start working with the wonderful team I had read so much about. Little did I know that simultaneously, the Irish Government announced the first set of restrictions which would lead to a national state of lockdown. Louise reassured me that a start date was on the horizon, but as more restrictions were enforced, that new daily commute to the office seemed further and further away.

Like so many other businesses, the team began to work from home and as I submitted the last of my college assignments online, I was invited to join in on my first zoom call with the ladies and to say I was excited was an understatement. As the days drew closer to the call, the excitement started to fizzle out and the nerves started to kick in. What would I wear? What would I say? I over prepared for what was a casual introduction meeting, but I wanted to make a good impression even if it was through a small camera.

I spent 15 minutes stacking books on top of each other in order to have my phone at eye level and demanded that the three dogs be taken for a walk so that they wouldn’t bark during the call. I was reassured by family members watching me frantically run around the house trying to find a pen to take notes that I would be fine and that I was overreacting. I soon realised how silly I had been when I was greeted by a smile from our recruitment consultant; Rachel, followed by a warm welcome from Louise, our co-director Deirdre and Head of casting; Aislinn. As I got properly acquainted with everyone, my nerves started to subside.

As the weeks have gone on, I find myself adjusting to this new role of digital intern quite well. I look forward to the morning calls with Aislinn where she teaches me about the inner workings of Extras Ireland and we discuss any jobs that might have come in. I also love the pre-lunch meetings with the whole team, where they chat about what they’ve been working on and is where I take advantage of the opportunity of having everyone in front of me. After a call, my notebook looks like it has been massacred with my pen. I write down the client or candidate names being mentioned that I am unfamiliar with and any tasks that they need me to carry out. If I don’t understand something, I will take the time to do a little bit of research on it so I will know for next time.

This is definitely not how I imagined these past few months would have turned out but working digitally seems to fit the theme of a media-based internship pretty well. This unique experience has really pushed me to change my concept of work and has shown me that every opportunity, however small, is a chance to learn. Fortunately, what has made this time much easier is the constant support and reassurance I receive from the team. They are always on hand to help and really make me feel as involved as possible even in these current circumstances.

I look forward to the day that I will be able to work in the office and that first chat with the team in person, but until then I will make sure to enjoy my very casual office wear and my 30 second commute to work.

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