Looking for Crew? 10 FAQs

By| Rachel Barrett

Account Manager at The Production People

The Production People are 17 years in business this year and I have been lucky enough to have spent the last number of years with the team getting to know the ins and outs of our niche market and the staffing needs within it.

Our team specialise in staffing solutions for the Broadcast, Media & Audio-Visual sectors, here in Ireland. Today, I wanted to help our current and future clients to gain a better understanding of what it is that we do and how we might be able to collaborate in the future.

Keep reading to check out some of our most Frequently Asked Questions – OR – if you don’t see the Q & A that you want to know more about, you can email me at info@productionpeople.ie or call today on (01) 634 3100.

Q1: What exactly do you do at The Production People?

A: Sourcing, Screening, Selecting, Placing & Payroll. We are a full-service Staffing Agency, and we will be right beside you from the start to the end of your recruitment process, whatever your staffing needs are, freelance, part-time, contract or fulltime placements. Every client’s process looks different, so our
flexible services are key to the industries that we work within. We like to think of it as creative staffing solutions for creative people!

Q2: What kinds of projects do the people you place work on?

A: We have people available to work on everything from Live Sports to TV Drama, Documentary, News & Current Affairs, Entertainment, Digital, Social Media, Corporate, Commercial and Live Events. Many staff and crew cross-over between the Broadcast & Audio-Visual sectors, and Film and TV Drama, expanding the scope of projects that we currently fill and will continue to do so.

Q3: What kinds of roles can you place?

A: The list of roles that we fill could take quite some time to go through! But some of the main roles we fill include Broadcast Coordinators, Researchers, PTZ, EFP and Multi-Camera Operators, Audio Engineers, Videographers, Production Assistants, Copywriters, Lighting Design, Production Managers, Floor Managers, Directors, Vision Mixers etc. etc. etc. The vast majority of roles, both traditional and emerging, production and technical are covered by our service.

Q4: How do you screen your candidates?

A: Our candidates are screened at two stages. Initially, when they submit their CV, we determine if they have the right skills and experience for our database. Secondly, we invite the candidates with the right fit for a ‘Meet & Greet’ – this will either take place face to face or via video conference. During the Meet & Greet, we dig deeper into the candidate’s skills, experience, background, attitude and aptitude to get a better sense of what they want, where they might fit and also how we might be able to assist them in getting there. We also reference check all candidates before placement.

Q5: Do you have a diverse range of candidates available?

A: Our database of 3,000+ candidates is incredibly diverse in terms of skill level & area of expertise. We really do have a wonderful variety of people on hand, however the beauty of what we do also allows us to extend the net further. Our industry reputation means candidates contact us as a first option for work and
our network for referrals and social media provides further excellent resources of finding new talent, We are always looking to provide opportunities for people from diverse backgrounds, which in turn allows
production teams today be more representative and inclusive.

Q6: Can you put a whole team together for a production?

A: Absolutely! We can supply a single person or a full team, whatever you need. We love getting requests for a full crew because we can be sure that the team will work well together. Over the years we
have gotten to know our candidates personally and have knowledge of how they work and who they work with frequently.

Q7: Do I liaise with the candidate myself?

A: During the initial short listing & screening process, all communication with the candidate will be done through our team. A shortlist of available and interested candidates is then sent to the client for selection and interview. The level of communication depends on whether the candidate is being employed on a Freelance, Permanent or Temporary basis and the timeframe available. Many of our clients simply trust our judgement to suggest the right person for them, which we are happy to do, saving the enormous amount of time and energy it takes to quickly find the right fit for the role. Those hours spend screening unlimited amounts of unsuitable CVs can be transformed into valuable time spent on your creative

Q8: How quickly can you send me suggestions of candidates?

A: This can really depend on the job. If the position is straightforward, we can get suggestions over within a few hours from the initial request, but more obscure roles will require additional documentation or portfolio links which takes a little more time. We will always check the availability of our candidates before sending them over to you, so the people suggested are both interested and available for the work period involved.

Q9: How much does it cost to use your service?

A: It costs nothing to contact and chat with us and our sourcing & screening service is something we do automatically on a daily basis to ensure we have a continuous supply of suitable people for the industry. You will only be charged when a candidate is selected, placed & the offer has been made & accepted.

Q10: How do we pay the candidates?

A: If the candidate is Permanent placement, a finder’s fee is agreed with the client who is then responsible for salary payment & taxes. If the candidate is Freelance, Temporary or an Independent Contractor, The Production People will contract and schedule them for the days that they are needed and pay them through our own fortnightly payroll system. An agency fee will be applied to their hourly or daily rate, and this will all be sent over as an invoice to you.

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