Tips for Interviewing: Now & Then

By Louise Nolan
Managing Director & Co-Founder @ Production People & Extras Ireland /

Here at The Production People we screen and reference check all our candidates in advance of registration to provide confidence and peace of mind for the clients who use our services. From the inital CV submission right through to placement, finding the best people for the job is where we excel. 

I have often been referred to as a true ‘people person’ and feel that my relaxed mode of interview extracts a vast scope of candidate information that far exceeds what is written on a CV. 

I love interviewing people and finding out what makes them tick! Things have certainly changed as of late but here’s a few tips that may help you on your interviewing journey. Check out our ‘Zoom to Improve’ blogs for more tips on Video Framing and Audio for virtual interviewing. 

10 Tips for Interviewing:


  1. Be prepared – research the company and if you are being interviewed for a specific position, the job you are applying for.

2.  What to wear – Be comfortable in the clothes you wear for your interview. Try them on beforehand, lay them out the night before and ensure you can walk in the shoes.

  1. Bring a copy of your CV/and credit list with you and make sure you know what is in it and that you can stand over it. Also bring a notebook and pen in case the interviewer has advice or notes on your CV and experience.
  1. Prepare some examples of your work and situations you would like to talk about. Think about work you’ve done in past roles and how that would apply to the position you are interviewing for.  Outline your skills and accomplishments – be a little different without being too whacky!

5. Be on time – plan your route, time your route, and leave enough time for parking if necessary. Try to arrive 10 minutes before hand so you can relax a little beforehand. Being too early is also something that you should avoid, just as much as running late.

  1. Make a good first impression – switch off your phone, make sure you are clean and tidy, show good manners and body language. Be confident and polite and shake hands (when it’s possible). Always try to make eye contact with the interviewer while you and they are speaking. 
  2. Treat others how you wish to be treated – Great everyone who you meet on the way in and during the interview with respect. Talk to the staff in the office while you wait to be interviewed if possible without causing distraction – they may well be asked for their impressions of you after your interview.

8.  Be yourself – Show your authentic self to the interviewer! It’s always best to be open and truthful about your experiences. This will allow the interviewer to get a better sense of who you are. The employer will be looking for someone to fit into their company culturally, so this is why being yourself is so important. 

9.  Try not to speak negatively about your previous jobs / employers – This one is a big no-no! It can make the interviewer immediately feel negatively towards you. You will lose their trust quickly as they will wonder how easy it could be for you to say something similar about them to others. Speaking ill of or sharing your previous company’s ‘secrets’ does not make you more desirable to an interviewer. In fact, it often does the opposite. 

10.  Do ask relevant questions! – Engaging in your interview beyond answering the questions asked by the interviewer can only be a positive thing. I would absolutely recommend asking questions, if they have relevance to the position. 

So, next time you have an interview, hopefully these tips will help you put your best foot first! 

Having a great CV is the first step to getting into the interview room. Check out our blog ‘5 Tips to make your CV stand out!’ for some tips on improving your curriculum vitae. 


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