Why I LOVE the work that I do!

By Rachel Barrett
Production Consultant

The Production People & Extras Ireland

Where it all started.

Fresh off the plane from NYC, with a BA in Film and Television Production in my back pocket, I returned to Ireland in search of something new. I would consider myself to be an extremely hard worker and will always give whatever I am assigned 110%…However, I strongly believe that your work should be something which you enjoy doing and your employer should be someone that you respect and genuinely like to work alongside!


Aislinn Ni Uallachain, Head of Casting, was the first member of the Extras Ireland/The Production People team that I met 2 years ago. After dipping my toes into the casting pond during university, I decided to take the leap and reach out to casting agencies in the hopes of an internship to learn more. Aislinn was considering an intern at the time, so she invited me in for a meet and greet…two years later and I’m still here! 

RTE's NYE Show

Celebrating 2 Years!

During my first year with Extras Ireland I worked on and off with The Production People side of the business – covering in the office and working as a production runner and brand ambassador for special programmes and events. I really loved the ‘no two days are the same’ work environment! 

Over the last year I have been working full time as The Production Peoples ‘Production Consultant & Account Executive’ – covering for Aislinn over at Extras Ireland from time to time and I just love it! 

WHY do I LOVE what I do? Simple!


I really enjoy being an advocator. Learning what someone’s top qualities are and being able to promote and share them with clients is a great feeling. I love knowing that I am helping to improve someone’s work experience, so that they might be able to achieve their goals/dreams. This is really special.


I would consider myself to be a creative person and would not have considered myself to be someone who would enjoy working in an office environment. However, The Production People and Extras Ireland really embrace their creativity. No two days are ever the same and even though we might be doing similar bookings, every single request requires a fresh perspective, constantly keeping you on your toes!


I am passionate about Film and Television and I want to see the entertainment industry succeed. I feel like what I am doing is important to that. Passionate, Talented and Driven people are what keep our industry afloat.


The company culture is something that I really appreciate, and it isn’t something that you find very often. I have a great work-life balance and feel as though I have purpose and I am appreciated for the work that I do. Both PP and EI truly have that ‘personal touch’ that I can certainly say from first hand experience is not the case in every work environment!


My favourite thing about working with the ladies at The Production People and Extras Ireland is how genuinely kind they all are. I have learned that its this very quality, alongside their expertise, dedication and honesty which has forged the lasting relationships with our clients and talent. There is a real sense of trust that has been built and I have grown to see how important that truly is. 

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